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Danger follows an injured woman with no memory of her past, but one man is determined to keep her safe. She's in for a surprise when she discovers her protector is really a leopard shifter.


Harris, a snow leopard shifter, is Alpha to a clowder of feline shifters living in a small, remote English village. One morning, while he's out for his regular prowl, he hears a weak call for help. He finds a woman trapped in a crevice in the earth. She's injured and close to freezing. They're miles from any road, so how did she end up there?


He takes the woman to his house and nurses her back to health. When she regains consciousness she can't remember anything, not even her name. All she can recall is waking up in a damp, dark hole in the ground, freezing her butt off, and being…guarded by a leopard? She must have hallucinated that.


Falling in love while trying to remember a life that you've forgotten can be a painful path. As her memories slowly start to return it quickly becomes apparent that she's on the run. When men show up in the village searching for her, she knows her past has caught up with her.


Harris is determined to protect the beautiful woman from whatever danger is following her, but what will happen when she discovers the man she's falling for is a shifter?


Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes

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First Book in the series called Stonesdale


Second Book in the series called Stonesdale

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The Enforcer’s Destined Mate by T. Cobbin


Two tiger shifters struggle to find their way past pain and heartbreak in the hopes of discovering their own happily ever after.


Belle lives in a village that is a sanctuary for feline shifters who need a place to escape their troubles and start anew. She’s a tiger shifter and the only female enforcer for the small community—a position that fills her with pride. She’s happy and content with her life, although her mother has been badgering her about finding a mate. But as far as Belle is concerned, if her mate wants her, he can come seek her out.


Things begin to change when their Alpha gives approval for Shawn, a male tiger shifter, to become part of their community. Belle instantly knows he’s her mate. But he’s spent years in a violent relationship. He’s tired, his self-confidence has disappeared, and he’s extremely leery of getting involved again.


Then tragedy strikes and suddenly Belle is dealing with her own heartbreak. Meanwhile, Shawn is still struggling to escape his past, dealing with a vengeful ex and city police who seem to believe he was the abuser rather than the victim.


Can these two shifters overcome all the obstacles blocking the path to true love?




Genre(s): Erotic Paranormal Romance