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Eve and Charlie find love in a place named Eden, but it's not a flowery garden. Eve is a test subject and Charlie is her guard.


Eve has lived her entire life in a hidden, underground complex called Eden. Decades earlier a group of clever scientists combined human and alien DNA, creating Eve and her fellow prisoners. Each of them have a range of paranormal abilities, and they've been poked and prodded and studied since the day they were created.


Eve longs for freedom, but it seems impossible, until Charlie, her new guard, joins the place. He is nothing like the scientists that run Eden. Charlie is kind and handsome, and they soon fall in love and begin to plan Eve's escape.


Will they be able to remain hidden, or will the guards track them down and drag her back to her prison, killing Charlie in the process? When Eve discovers she's pregnant, the stakes are raised even higher.


Content Warning: contains steamy sex scenes, strong language, and some violence

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First Book in the series called Eden


Lulu was created by scientists who combined human and alien DNA. She’s lived her entire life in a place called Eden where she was used as a human guinea pig. The last straw came when they had her impregnated. Desperate to prevent her child from living the same hellish life she’s experienced, Lulu tried to kill both herself and the fetus. But waking up in the hospital was not the plan!


Lulu is finally free from Eden but still feels trapped inside her mind. Then a stranger enters her hospital room and waits patiently for her to exit the shell she hides in. In mourning for her child, she doesn’t want to live, to be a part of anything.


Can Alex, the handsome stranger, knock down the walls that Lulu has built around herself? Is there life after Eden?


There are still scientists out there who would love to get their hands on Lulu. Can she ever be safe?


Content Warning: contains sexual content and some violence



Genre(s): Erotic Paranormal Romance




Second Book in the series called Eden


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