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Dragon'Heart box set Volume 1


Dragon’s Heart, Volume 1 by T. Cobbin


Three dragon shifters find their mates, but the path to love won’t be easy.


Troy’s Trouble


Troy spends his days and nights running his nightclub, Dragon’s Heart. Despite his busy schedule, he never lacks for female companionship, but one-night stands are all he’s interested in. Then one night he meets a beautiful young lady at his club, and she changes all that. When he wakes alone the next morning, he’s desperate to find her. He has to find her—she’s his mate. But how will this human woman react when she discovers he’s a dragon shifter?


Amy never imagined that meeting Troy would turn her world upside down. Not only is she about to enter a whole new world she had no idea even existed, but her past is about to rear its ugly head, and she may not survive.



Dennenth’s Darling


Dennenth moved to London in the hopes of finding his true mate. Accepting his friend’s job offer, he works as a bouncer in a nightclub. What better place to meet women?


Sarah is a single mother with a past she wants to forget. But having a psychotic ex-husband who will come looking for you as soon as he’s released from prison isn’t something you can get away from. She has enough on her plate, and she’s not looking for a man. And she certainly doesn’t expect to meet one who can…shift into a dragon. What the hell? When Sarah’s past finally catches up with her, can Dennenth save her in time?


Pete’s Precious


Pete had his heart ripped to pieces years ago when his family was murdered in their home. He left the island his family owned, vowing never to return. He’s spent years searching for his mate, someone to help ease the pain and give him a reason to live. As soon as he sees Wendy he knows she’s the one. And for some unexplainable reason he feels the needs to take her to his island and show her where he grew up. With her by his side, he thinks he might be able to face the scene of the crime, and maybe he can even forgive himself for not being able to save his family. And while they’re there he plans to tell Wendy the truth about himself—he’s a dragon shifter. Surely that won’t freak her out, will it?


Arriving at the island, Pete quickly discovers he’s put the woman he loves in danger. Someone evil—the person responsible for his family’s death, he believes—is lurking on the island, and now he’s coming after them. But Pete refuses to lose another person he loves to this lunatic.


Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes



Genre(s): Erotic Paranormal Romance


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