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Koop's Spark


Maggie isn’t handling being a kidnap victim by a group of slaver Lesh at all, even if she was rescued by another group of friendly, good looking aliens. All she wishes for is to return to her twin sister and her life as an architect.


Seeing her suffer, Amelia, who was also kidnapped along with Maggie and twenty others but has found happiness in the arms of Trian, the captain of the Gemorph where they all now live, comes up with a plan. The Gracian’s need somewhere to train to be more human so they can find their mates, their sparks. Amelia and Maggie come to a deal. Maggie can return home to her sister, if they both help the Gracian’s out.


Koop has worked hard to be the officer he is, with a place on the Gemorph bridge. When the captains spark comes up with an idea to help one of the human females as well as the Gracian’s he accepts the challenge to create an area for the warriors to train in. But things don’t go to plan when a human custom of shaking hands goes wrong.


Can Maggie deal with being a Gracian’s spark?


Will Koop’s trip to Earth be as productive as the Gracian’s hope?