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Teclis’s Sparks by T. Cobbin


Will Crimson agree to join Teclis and Coil’s relationship and make their twosome a threesome?


Teclis and Coil are security officers assigned to the Gracian spaceship the Gemorph, but for the last few months they’ve been living on a small island on Earth where they’ve been learning to become more human-like. Due to the decline of female births on their planet, their race is nearing extinction. But their possible salvation has come from the most unexpected of places. Several of their warriors have found their sparks—or mates—in the form of human females. The Gracians are hopeful that more sparks will be discovered. Teclis has already found his spark, but not one that he can procreate with being his spark is male. Teclis and Coil are unsure if there is a female spark out there for them.


One afternoon something drifts past the Gracian’s early warning system around the island, and when Tec and Coil go to investigate they discover a female floating in the sea. She’s unconscious and badly beaten. Both Tec and Coil are shocked when they discover that this female is the spark to both of them. If she will accept them, their twosome will now become a threesome.


Crimson has spent her entire marriage being abused by her husband. She plucks up the courage, and after much planning, she escapes. But to her dismay, her husband finds her and takes her aboard his boat. After another severe beating, Crimson wishes for nothing but death and throws herself overboard. She wakes to discover that she’s been rescued by aliens. And if that weren’t enough of a shock, apparently two of these gorgeous aliens want to claim her for themselves.


After what Crimson endured at the hands of a man who was supposed to have loved her, she has no desire to enter into a relationship with any man, let alone two. But Teclis and Coil are awfully hard to resist. And when her husband comes looking for her, she discovers just how serious they are about wanting to love and protect her for all time.


Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes


Genre(s): Erotic Science Fiction Romance