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Danielle seeks somewhere to hide from her past and finds something out of this world.


For the past five years Danielle and her son Ollie have been the only residents on the Vanish Isle. One night she’s awoken by a loud noise. Fearing that the monster from her past—the man she’s spent years hiding from—has found her, she investigates the house with the first weapon she can find held firmly in her hand. She will not hesitate to knock the man out cold.


Needing a holiday, Leo decides to head to his childhood home for a rest only to be accosted by his house sitter. But he can’t be angry with the beautiful woman, because as soon as he sees her he knows that he’s found his mate at last.


Danielle’s five-year-old son forms an immediate bond with Gracie, Leo’s eight-year-old ward, but things move at a much slower pace for Leo and Danielle. He senses that she’s been hurt and doesn’t trust anyone. He knows it will take some time to win her over. Only then will he break the news to her that both he and Gracie are gorilla shifters.


Can Danielle learn to trust and love? Can she accept a shifter mate? And what will happen when her past finally catches up with her?


Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes


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A shifters healing love